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Advance  your safety culture?
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Do you lack the skills and confidence in English to advance your career?

the awe language learning process

FOCUSED English language learning

LOW-RISK practice in a SAFE PLACE

Language learning HABITS FOR LIFE

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English Skills Bootcamp for
EHS Professionals - SPRING '23

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Interviewing in English Preparation and Practice

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FREE Leading in English:
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What makes AWE services different than other language courses?

They are

All my services are FOCUSED on the English language you need for your important work as an EHS professional. 

They are

20 weeks of learning and practice.  


Practice and networking with people that know your language.


Led by instructors with TESOL and actual job knowledge.

frequently asked questions

 Yes, we absolutely work on grammar, as it relates to COMMUNICATION of MEANING.  And we work on mastery of these important grammatical structures as they relate to communicating EHS prorities.

Yes! I help people improve their pronunciation to make their communication more effective. We won't try to change your accent completely, but we'll work on fixing specific mispronunciations that might confuse others. These mistakes often happen because English has different sounds than other languages.

My program focuses on helping clients include English language learning in their daily routines. This way, it doesn't feel like traditional "studying" because it becomes a part of their daily lives. My goal is to encourage a continuous improvement mindset about English, which we will achieve gradually and strategically. Together, we will create a customized learning plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Fluency is a goal for even native English speakers! Anyone that makes you a the promise of fluency in weeks, months, even years while you are living your best life is not being honest with you. I promise to bolster your confidence in the language you currently use, to give you plenty of time to practice the language you want to use in a safe and supportive environment, and to put you on the path toward fluency with a continuous improvement strategy for your communication skills.

meet camille

Hello!  I’m an Environmental, Health and Safety professional, turned English Language Communication Coach for EHS professionals.    I live in the midwest of the United States - Wisconsin to be exact!

About Advancing With English (AWE)
AWE is my passion project and my business.  I started my career as an EHS professional, working at facility, division, and corporate levels.  I paused that career to raise my young children.  During that pause, I began to work in language education along with my part-time EHS consulting.  AWE is my passion project because this business allows me to do all the things I love to do - teach, coach, mentor  and help - while continuing to have an impact in the most interesting and important work of environmental health and safety.

 Who are my clients?
 Most of my clients are EHS professionals with responsibilities for manufacturing in many different countries. They are hard-working and passionate people, motivated by the desire to ADVANCE their EHS culture, and ADVANCE their personal and professional skills.  They have identified one major thing holding them back from ADVANCING - and that is their ability to confidently communicate in English.

 ADVANCE is a strong verb - that’s why I chose it! When we ADVANCE something, like our skills, we are deliberate.  We are efficient.  We are focused so that we see things getting better, improving, exactly where we need them to do so.  Thank you for stopping by my site to learn a little bit more about me.  I invite you to schedule a free call so that we can meet on Zoom and talk about how we can work together.

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